Rocket Frame 87

Rocket Frame 87 is my main project, and in fact most of the smaller projects I have worked on started because there was a module or game mechanic that I wanted to incorporate in Rocket Frame 87, but did them as a free standing game so that I could learn how to code them properly.

Rocket Frame 87 is the story of three crash survivors, stranded on an alien planet. You will need to find food, build shelter, and explore the planet. Your civilization has only the most primitive spaceflight technology, which put severe weigh restrictions on the survival equipment in your landing pod. No blasters, no phasers, no tricorders. (Also no phones, no lights, no motorcars.) RF 87 is a building and exploring simulator with a complex background story that is revealed as you progress throughout the game. You will have full control over each of your colonists, equipping them and training them as they gain experience.

Genre: RF87 is intended as a ‘realistic’ science fiction simulator, with a story, technology, and situation that are intended to be at least plausible in real life. While I really do enjoy the more humorous games out there, in RF87 you will not be able to combine a stick, a rock, and a couple rhinoceros toenails to create a plasma pistol. Sorry!

History: There is a Rocket Frame 87 game that I completed about a year and a half ago. It was my first major project with Gamemaker Studio, and offers about 40 minutes of game play. And I got to a point where I realized that there were a lot of aspects of the game that I wanted to incorporate, but didn’t know how. So I started a series of mini-projects as a learning experience. The original RF87 is described here.

Current Status: Now that I’ve successfully created mini-games to learn all of the mechanics needed for RF87, I am have gone back to the main game. I’m currently putting together the mechanics and controls to allow the player to interact with the world in the way I had envisioned. Currently complete is the player inventory system which will equip items to their proper slots, a gather/harvest functionality, and a build structures functionality. Update 4 added a new and improved research function, crafting, refining, and a simple skill tree. Major upcoming projects include: A quest/mission module, Redrawing the background tile-sets, Importing the animal AI functionality, and (re)doing research tree from the original game.

Progress Demo #4 (Sept 10)


Progress Demo #3 (July 16)

Progress Demo #2 (June 19)

Progress Demo #1 (April 20)