The Witch of Darkmoore Forest

This is a fully functional “real game”. It originally started as a way to simulate the environment of one of those game jams, where a team tries to develop a game within a ridiculously short period of time (usually 48 hours). I thought that 48 hours was way too short, so I proposed a “long weekend” collaborative project with Claudia where she would do the art, and I would do the coding. We did manage to develop a working game over a long weekend, but it was pretty rough, so we spent the next several months polishing it on weekends. Here you can see the prototype version. And here the more polished version. I learned a lot with this project and developed a character development system, crafting system, day/night lighting system, quests, and even had to develop my own collision system. The main character being a witch, I wanted to have her be able to fly on her broomstick, and when she was flying, the way she would interact with various objects would be different than when she was walking. And since the built-in collision system didn’t seem to support this, I designed my own. The artwork is 100% original. And the story line is hilarious. Really! And be on the lookout for Easter Eggs.